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#US - Unique & Shared Experiences

Nov 23, 2020

Ever had a near-death experience?  They say your whole life flashes before your eyes.  Some say, instead, that we see a few key memories that are etched in your brain. The defining moments that made you who you are, speak for us! Listen as storytellers share their defining moments in  #US - Defining Moments.



Nov 20, 2020

Emily Epstein White is a news copy editor, parent of young children, and stand-up comedian who discovers what “being ok” looks like during COVID-19. She’s had to rethink how to do comedy gigs and what it means to be a performer in our current pandemic era. Emily shares with us how she is adapting and trying to...

Nov 19, 2020

Eugene Haynes is a college professor and filmmaker. He shares how the pandemic has forced him to pivot as an educator. Eugene contemplates how COVID-19 has caused him to reflect on who he is and talks about how he sees this moment as a stepping stone to social change.   


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Nov 18, 2020

Tanesha Ford is an arts administrator, writer, and improvisational actress who is “yes, and”ing her way through COVID. Listen as Tanesha discovers how to manage the many responsibilities of caregiving for a loved one during a pandemic. Learn how she is able to still laugh despite life’s many bumps along the COVID...

Nov 17, 2020

 Che Guerrero is a humorist and parent of two special needs children. Once the pandemic hit, he decided to return to his former career as a nurse’s aide, and has since taken on the risk of working in long-term care facilities that have been hit hard by COVID. Che shares with us how the pandemic caused him unexpectedly...